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Skylight in Wayfidner is the main city hub, it is the center for everything you need, from crafting, questing, socializing, housing, and many more!

Skylight is a Location in Wayfinder. Skylight in Wayfinder is the main social gathering hub players will find themselves spending the most time in-between participating in game content. This main hub is likely to be the main place you find Merchants, crafting stations, and find new groups and players to chat to and make memories with.


How to Unlock Skylight in Wayfinder

  • Information on how Skylight can be unlocked to be added soon.


Wayfinder Skylight Landmarks

  • Beacon 
  • Great Hall
  • Market Row


Wayfinder NPCs in Skylight

  • Arsenal
  • Lord Halar
  • Omen
  • The Engineer
  • Venge
  • Wolf


Wayfinder Merchants in Skyight

  • Goods Trader


Wayfinder Skylight Crafting Stations and Services

  • Character Recruitment
  • Consumable Crafting
  • Echo Matrix
  • Refill Flasks
  • Relic Crafting
  • Weapon Crafting


Wayfinder Quests in Skylight

  • Accessorize
  • Controlling the Chaos
  • City on a Hill
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Into the Unknown
  • Self Mastery
  • Tools of Destruction


Wayfinder Skylight Notes & Other Tips

  • Other notes and helpful tips for Skylight in Wayfinder can be added here.



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