Locations for Wayfinder features all discoverable locations, areas, and regions in the game. Being an MMO, expect there to be multiple large maps, dungeons, and locales to explore. Once more has been discovered, this page will be updated with more information on Wayfinder Locations.


Wayfinder Locations Guide

Wayfinder Main Hub

In Wayfinder, you'll find almost everything you need at Skylight - Merchants, Crafting Stations, Upgrade Stations, Wayfinder Recruitment Services, Flask Refill Stations, access to key NPCs, and the Gloom Gate giving you access to Lost Zones

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Skylight will act as the main social gathering hub players will find themselves spending the most time in-between participating in game content. Players will learn much about the game's various mechanics and item systems, as well as find and connect with other players here in Skylight.


Housing in Wayfinder

Wayfinder features customizable player housing in the form of Apartments. Expect Apartments to be fully customizable by the player, from it's looks to it's functionality. Not only will Apartments be one of the key social places for players in-game, but they will also house services important in upgrading and augmenting your power.

This section will be updated once more is known about how Wayfinder Apartments can be customized and any other functions they will have.


Wayfinder Lost Zones

Lost Zones are Wayfinder's equivalent of typical MMO dungeon instances. These dungeons are unique, however, in that they are somewhat customizable by the player. Using the Gloom Dagger and certain Key Items, players can open up Lost Zones and participate in Expeditions and Hunts.

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As players progress through the game, they will be able to gain access to Imbuements. These items can be slotted into a Gloom Dagger to produce various effects. Using an imbued Gloom Dagger to open a Lost Zone will open up an instance with modifiers affecting material types, enemy difficulties in hostile encounters and much more. Visit the Lost Zones page to find out more.


Getting around in Wayfinder

Players have two key modes of travel around the world of Evenor, the first of which are Signal Fires. These fires act as waypoints, allowing you to fast travel to one once you've come across and unlocked them. Signal Fires appear as greyed out circular symbols on the map when not yet discovered signal fire off icons wayfinder wiki guide 64px, and afterward they've been discovered, their icon turns yellow signal fire on icons wayfinder wiki guide 64px and can be interacted with when being hovered over to teleport to.

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Before Signal Fires are discovered, however, players will have to travel the large open maps on foot. Luckily, you'll have Mounts at your disposal to make the trek more bearable. Not much has been released about how Mounts will work in-game, but you can get one by purchasing the game's Founder's Pack. This section will be updated once more is known about Wayfinder Mounts.


Wayfinder All Locations

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Skylight in Wayfidner is the main city hub, it is the center for everything you need, from crafting, questing, socializing, housing, and many more!


More Locations To Be Added Soon!

More Locations To Be Added Soon!

More Locations To Be Added Soon!

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