Echoes in Wayfinder are a mechanic tied to character equipment and upgrades. Echoes are crystallized essences of Enemies that can be socketed into Wayfinders themselves, as well as their Weapons and Accessories in order to gain bonuses to character Stats and other special effects. Echoes are an important resource that allow players to increase the power and effects of their character loadouts. This page will feature a full list of Echoes available in Wayfinder, their sources, effect details, and more.


Wayfinder Echoes Overview

echoes placeholder icon wayfinder wiki guideEchoes in Wayfinder are remnants of the many creatures and hostiles that inhabit the world of Evenor. Echoes play a similar role to that of Gems in titles such as the Diablo franchise or the Mods in Digital Extremes' own Warframe  supplementing your characters and equipment with a host of benefits that increase their effectiveness both in and out of combat. Echoes can be obtained by defeating Enemies and each Echo has a chance to drop from the same enemy as its namesake, with particularly rare and powerful Echoes only dropping from the most dangerous opponents. Once obtained, they can then be equipped via the Echoes Menu.

With Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate at the helm, Wayfinder's character, equipment and upgrade systems offer a highly modular experience that players of Warframe will immediately recognize and this is particularly evident in the Echoes gameplay mechanic.

Wayfinder Echo Properties

Echo Types

Each Echo falls under one of five Echo Types

  • ave icon echo types wayfinder wiki guideAve
  • bri icon echo types wayfinder wiki guideBri
  • cro icon echo types wayfinder wiki guideCro
  • dom icon echo types wayfinder wiki guideDom
  • eir icon echo types wayfinder wiki guideEir 

Also identified as Echo Types ABCDE for short.

Echo Types A through D typically provide a boost to one or more character Stats such as Weapon Power or Resilience, while E types grant special additive effects to your character such as granting a Damage Shield when certain conditions are met.

Echo Rarity and Rank

Much like most items in Wayfinder, Echoes come in varying Rarity levels, denoted by their color. Rarity affects an Echo's Maximum Rank.  Echoes are Ranked from 0 - 10 Stars , with each rank increasing the bonuses provided and effect magnitudes. An Echo's rank can be increased via the Echo Fusion mechanic. Depending on its rarity, an Echo's maximum rank is capped at certain thresholds, with rarer Echoes being able to achieve higher ranks and boasting a higher power potential.

  • Common (White) - Max Rank 4 ✮
  • Uncommon (Green) - Max Rank 6 ✮
  • Rare (Blue) - Max Rank 8 ✮
  • Epic (Purple) - Max Rank 10 ✮

Creatures can drop their Echoes in any of the rarity levels listed above. 

Other Echo Properties

Each Echo has a Capacity Cost which is measured against the Maximum Echo Capacity of your Wayfinder, Weapons and Accesories. You must have enough capacity on a character or piece of equipment in order to equip an Echo. The higher an Echo's Rank, the higher its Capacity Cost is as well.

An Echo's Power Level stat is a general measure of its quality and boosts. This stat can be used to quickly identify your best Echoes, and contributes to your Overall Power Level which can allow you to meet Activity Power Level Requirements. However, you will need to look at each Echo's specific properties to determine what works best for your current loadout.

Wayfinder Equipment & Echoes

Equipping Echoes

Wayfinders, Weapons and Accessories each have a number of Echo Slots available where Echoes can be socketed. To equip an Echo, select an available slot from a character or piece of equipment in the Echoes Menu to open up the Echo Inventory which displays all of your collected Echoes. From there, select the Echo to slot it in.

echo slots menu wayfinder wiki guide

Echoes are not committed to the slots you place them in and you can freely remove equipped Echoes, returning them to the Echo Inventory. Equipping an Echo that is already equipped in another slot or another character or piece of equipment will automatically transfer it to the currently selected slot.

Matching Echoes and Slots

Echo slots on characters and equipment also come in one of the five Echo Types. Echoes can be socketed into any slot as long as the character or equipment has enough Capacity to accommodate the Echo. However, matching an Echo with a Slot of the corresponding type will cut its Capacity Cost by half, allowing you to slot in even more Echoes or more powerful ones with higher costs, effectively maximizing your loadout.

Increasing Capacity and Slots

As your Wayfinders and Weapons level up, they will unlock additional Echo Slots, as well as have their Maximum Echo Capacity increased. This allows for more active Echoes and Echoes of a higher power to be equipped at once.

Accessories do not level up and have a fixed number of Echo Slots and Capacity.

Wayfinder Echo Fusion

Echoes can be upgraded by raising their  Rank, which increases their Stat boosts in the case of types A through D, and the magnitude of effects granted by ones of type E. This is done through the Echo Fusion mechanic, which allows you to sacrifice your unwanted Echoes in order to grant Fusion XP into a host Echo that want to keep. You can enter the Echo Fusion Submenu while navigating the Echoes Menu to begin fusion.

After selecting the Echo which you wish to upgrade, you will be able to select the Echoes to fuse into the host from your collection in the window on the left. You can select up to 9 Echoes to fuse at once and you can view the Fusion XP value provided by each Echo underneath them. 

In the bottom of the Fusion Menu, you will see a bar indicating how much Fusion XP is required to reach the next  Rank. Each Echo will provide a varying amount of  Fusion XP, depending on their Level, Rank and Rarity. You can also gain Bonus Fusion XP by fusing Echoes with the same name as the host. Echo Fusion requires a certain amount of Memory Fragments memory fragment icon currencies wayfinder wiki guide which are a type of currency. Each subsequent rank upgrade will require more and more memory fragments to perform.

You can preview the host Echo's Stat changes for the next Rank on the right side. Keep in mind that Echoes can only go up to their maximum  Rank and any excess XP infused will be wasted. Lastly, Echoes will also increase in Capacity Cost as they increase in  Rank, which makes it all the more important to match your Echo Types with the appropriate character or equipment slot.




echo fusion menu wayfinder wiki guide


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